E-commerce: 5 Factors to be consider

Key market factors: Before entering a new eCommerce business, E-commerce companies will need to understand and examine the new markets, in addition to their own internal capabilities and limitations.

5 Factors to be consider:

  • Market size: Very very important to consider how sizable the overall opportunity for their product that they want to sell
  • Getting ready: Fully essential to understanding the payment and logistical infrastructure,consumer behaviour, retail opportunity and technological developments in your E-commerce store with the right person/ company.
  • View of Growth: It is also important to look at the internet penetration, demographics of the online buying population and understand which phase of development each market is enters.
  • Path to entry: Should understand the regulatory environment and connect with solution providers, content distribution networks, and digital agencies for their brand improvement.
  • Healthy Competition: Needs to do in-depth assessment of their competitors in local as well as global market and it’s price structure, online strategy and the nature of each offering for the same product.

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