Data Center Security: Level 1

All our datacenters are equipped with surveillance cameras, biometric locks, authorization-based access policies, limited datacenter access, security personnel, and similar standard security equipment, processes and operations.

Network Security: Level 2

Our global infrastructure deployments incorporate DDOS mitigations, Intrusion Detection systems, and Firewalls both at the edge and the Rack level with weathered frequent hacking and DDOS attempts (sometimes as many as 3 in a single day) without any degradation by three procedural systems below:

  • Firewall Protection
  • Network Intrusion Detection system
  • Protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks.

Host Security: Level 3

Host Based Intrusion Detection System: Our Host-based Intrusion Detection System assists in detecting and pinpointing changes to the system and configuration files – whether by accident, from malicious tampering, or external intrusion – using heuristic scanners, host log information, and by monitoring system activity. Rapid discovery of changes decreases risk of potential damage, and also reduces troubleshooting and recovery times, thus decreasing overall impact and improving security and system availability.

Hardware Standardization- We have standardized and highly security equipment’s we use in our Data center.

Software Security: Level 4

We ensure security despite the diverse portfolio of software products we utilize by following a process-oriented approach:

  • Timely Application of Updates, Bug Fixes and Security Patches
  • Periodic Security Scans
  • Pre-Upgrade testing processes

Application Security: Level 5

All applications are engineered using our proprietary Product Engineering Process which follows a proactive approach towards security.

Security Audit Process: Level 6

In a vast deployment of globally distributed servers, audit processes are required to ensure process replication and discipline.

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